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What is good brand of pulley lagging glue?

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As we known, we need coat one layer rubber sheet on drive drum to improve the running of conveyor system.
By coating of wear-resisting rubber sheet ,roller friction coefficient will be increase, therefore it could reduce the slippage between the roller and the conveyer belt,enhance the material transport efficiency ,and improve the service life of the drum.
Compared with the traditional hot casting,drum coating is one different way of using cold glue to bond rubber sheet with drum metal surface, so it is also called cold vulcanizing pulley is easy to operate on-site, no need disassemble drum and drum could be back to work instantly after being coated. so it is very popular with mining enterprises.
No doubt Coating skill is important for pulley lagging , but the key point is the glue .
if glue is not good, Wear-resisting rubber sheet will be resulted in falling off, thus cause production safety problem.
Pulley lagging glue should meet following requirements:
1.High bonding strength between metal and rubber.
2.Safe and flame-retardant, can be used in the special environment such as surface and underground coal mine.
3.Fast drying time,drum could be back to work instantly after being coated.
With all above features, we recommend cold vulcanizing glue SK811,which can be used for bond metal to rubber, rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric and fabric tofabric.
It is the ideal bonding glue for pulley lagging, conveyor belt repair, cold joint and rubber lining etc.
How to use the cold vulcanization glue SK811 to bond rubber to drum?
1. Grind metal surface with grinding wheel or sanding dsic. Suggest grinding depth 30 um. Ensure the surface is clean and have no rust.
2. Brush the first coat mixture onto drum metal surface. (the mixture ratio of glue and hardener is 10:1).
3. After the first coat is drying out, brush the second coat onto the metal surface , meanwhile brush one coat onto the CN bonding side of rubber sheet.
4. When the second coat is slight tacky,(check with the back of finger), it is good time for bonding.
Drum metal surface need brush two coats, CN bonding side of rubber sheet need one coat.
if rubber sheet have no CN bonding layer, it need be roughened and then brush two coats.
Note: Recommended to use metal primer SK363 before brushing cold vulcanization glue onto drum metal surface , this can greatly improve the bonding strength of rubber and metal.

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