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  • Product Name: Cold splicing cement SK313
  • Introduction: Cold splicing cement SK313 is a kind of two-component, high performance industrial glue
  • Order No.: 3610101
  • Specifications: 1kg cement + 40g hardener
  • Packing: Carton

Cold splicing cement SK313 is a kind of bi-component,high performance industrial glue,which has good bonding performance between metal and rubber, rubber and rubber, fabric and rubber, fabric and fabric, also fabric and metal.

Cold splicing cement SK313 is widely used in electricity, coal, mine and cement industry for repairing of rubber conveyor belt,cold seamless jointing and pulley lagging, Belt glue is easy operation, speedy and reliable. Also cold splicing cement SK313 has strong temperature resistance that can reach 100℃, the mixing ratio with hardener is 100:4.

1. Application of cold splicing cement sk313
The mixture of cold splicing cement SK313 and hardener is widely applied to jointing of rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric, fabric and fabric. Especially for conveyor belt repairing, cold seamless jointing (chloroprene, nitrile belt and polyester fabric, artificial fabric, nylon fabric), pulley lagging, all kinds of metal surface wear protection and rubber facing corrosion protection.

2. Characteristics
High quality-distinguished bonding strength which has the same grade as hot splicing, far more exceed German DIN industrial standard.(during the conveyor belt repairing and cold seamless jointing, the bonding strength will exceed the hot splicing bonding strength),Its excellent performance has reached a peer-leading level.

Convenience- ordinary tools can work, no needing for large equipment such as vulcanizing machine.
Fast- Emergency repair, use immediately, reduce machine halt loss to a minimum level.
Reliable- 4 years guarantee period, far more exceed other similar products.
Suitable- operational working temperature can reach 100 Celsius degree, also suitable for underground project.

3.Field practice while pulley lagging.

Rubber Sheet: clean up the semi-curing layer by cleaning solvent if the rubber sheet itself contains, then painting and brushing. Rubber sheet without semi-curing layer will be comprehensive polished by tungsten carbide grinding disc. Then clear dust with hairbrush, clean with cleaning solvent.

Metal: Removal the grease from metal surface with RAMIMTECH cleaning solvent,then polished with sand wheel or sand blasting. If spread with RAMIMTECH metal primer SK363, Let it completely dry. Mixed SK313 with hardener with 100:4 and stir evenly, use up in a hour, or this mixture will lose harden efficacy.

Brush- brushing evenly on combination surface with cold splicing cement SK313, spread one layer on rubber sheet ( with BL bonding layer)can joint directly, if rubber sheet without BL layer will brush 2 layers, first layer need totally dry(25 to 30 minutes),and reach the level of not adhering to the back of fingers.When second layer dry to slightly stickiness, then last jointing on surface.
Jointing- paste the sides of combination together, avoid bubble, closely plying-up and compaction.

Suggestions:when pulley lagging, recommend preliminary treating the metal surface by metal primer SK363 (Ramimtech brand), Enhancing the bonding strength between rubber and metal.

4.Interval Time
The interval time for Cold vulcanization glue Sk313 depends on the temperature and humidity of internal and external working environment.
Before jointing, pls take the glue drying time for reference.
Normal temperature (15℃-30℃) : 35-20 minutes
High temperature:( more than 30℃) : 25-20 minutes
Before jointing, you can test with back side of fingers, if the adhesive has little stickiness, this is the best jointing time.

1) the temperature of working environment and materials should exceed 5 ℃, surrounding humidness must be less than 90%.
2) The combination surface should be dry and clean, no including grease, engine oil and chemical agent.
3) Above information is based on field experiment, we suggest doing experiment before construction because of different materials and working condition.
4) Unmixed Sk313 and hardener will be sealed in good intact, keep in shady and cool condition.
5) Before solidification, avoid contact with skin, if contact, clean with water and soap immediately.

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