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  • Product Name: Repair Patch
  • Introduction: Ramimtech repair patch is with Bonding Layer. Using together with cold vulcanizing adhesive sk313
  • Order No.: see below
  • Specifications: 5 pcs/pack
  • Packing: carton

Ramimtech Repair Patch is with Bonding Layer.
Using together with cold vulcanizing adhesive sk313.
small damage in conveyor belt will be repaired fast and effectively.

Diamond repair patch apply to repairing of conveyor belt surface wear,tearing and puncture.

Item No.  Product name        Unit                  Sizes
Repair patch without fabric reinforced layer

3111113 standard repair patch piece S1 2.4mm*135mm*160mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111120 standard repair patch piece S2 2.4mm*200mm*260mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111127 standard repair patch piece S3 2.4mm*270mm*360mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111145 standard repair patch piece S4 2.4mm*450mm*470mm 5 Pcs/Carton

Repair patch with fabric reinforced layer
3111213 reinforced repair strip piece S1 3.8mm*135mm*160mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111220 reinforced repair strip piece S2 3.8mm*200mm*260mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111330 reinforced repair strip piece S3 3.8mm*270mm*360mm 5 Pcs/Carton
3111340 reinforced repair strip piece S4 3.8mm*450mm*470mm 5 Pcs/Carton

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