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  • Product Name: Pulley Lagging Diamond Rubber Sheet
  • Introduction: RAMIMTECH-Pulley lagging diamond rubber sheet is made by anti-wear rubber.
  • Order No.: See below
  • Specifications: 1500mm*10000mm
  • Packing: Plastic film

RAMIMTECH-Pulley lagging diamond rubber sheet is made by anti-wear rubber.It's high tensile strength,super wear resistance,and can adapt to all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Profile: Diamond
Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm
Material: Flame retardant/Non flame retardant

Tehcnical data:
  Compound: NR/IR/SBR
  Density: 1.10gcm3
  Shore Hardness: 60±5 Shore A
  Abrasion: 89 Loss mm3
 Elongation: at break 450% MIN
 Color: Black

RAMIMTECH Pulley lagging diamond rubber sheet specification
Item No.                      Specification                  Weight
3512086        8mm×1500mm×10000mm      100.4kg
3512106        10mm×1500mm×10000mm     126.4kg
3512126        12mm×1500mm×10000mm     158.4kg
3512156        15mm×1500mm×10000mm     190.4kg

Features of pulley lagging diamond rubber sheet:
Prevents material build up on pulley and reduces chances of mistracking.
Increased friction coefficient between the pulley and the conveyor belt to avoid slipping.
Protect the roller and avoiding wear and corrision.

Application type of pulley lagging diamond rubber sheet:

High strength fabric belt and steelcord belt.
Fit for various of driving wheel.
Running in wet,slurry and other harsh environments.

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