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  • Product Name: Ceramic Rubber Sheet
  • Introduction: Ramimtech Ceramic Rubber Sheet can accommodate to all kinds of muddy, humid and sticky working envir
  • Order No.: 3533512,3533506, 3533516,3533119
  • Specifications: 15mm*2100mm*500mm
  • Packing: Plastic

Ramimtech Ceramic Rubber Sheet can accommodate to all kinds of muddy, humid and sticky working environment, also effective to solve the severe wear and slipping problem of driving wheel, tailing wheel, tension pulley and roller.

Ramimtech ceramic rubber sheet contains CN layer, which can form an excellent bonding reaction with cold curing cement SK313, can realize the strong bonding with the drum, rubber plate contains 92% triethylaluminium sesquichloride ceramic block, and rubber groove between ceramic block can guarantee the operation of drainage, mud with maximum. Ceramic rubber plate has superior wear resistance to ensure the use time that exceed the reasonable life, also whose abrasion resistance is 8 to10 times than the traditional rubber plate.

Pulley lagging under extreme working condition.
Drive the roller.
High strength and intension conveyor system.

Contrast factors between Ramimtech ceramic pulley lagging and traditional pulley lagging
Working condition      Steel surface (without lagging)     RAMIMTECH rubber lagging     RAMIMTECH ceramic pulley lagging
           dry                                 0.35-0.40                                                   0.40-0.45                                   0.75-0.85
         humid                              0.10-0.15                                                   0.33-0.38                                   0.50-0.80
         muddy                             0.05-0.10                                                   0.22-0.30                                   0.45-0.50

     Item No.                   Dimension (mm)                         ceramic depth (mm)
    3533512                15mm×1250mm×500mm                      840mm
    3533506                15mm×1600mm×500mm                      1200mm
    3533516                15mm×1600mm×500mm                      1450mm
    3533119                15mm×1900mm×500mm                      1600mm

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