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  • Product Name: T Type skirt rubber
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The technical feature of the dual-sealing spill rubber skirt board as follows:
1,The skirt board material : we use the PU and the rubber together , the part which contact with the belt is PU what is mainly to seal. The Pu be made use the best imported powder lot with the pouring technical. The poring technical to manufacture the PU plate is developed by our company. Our PU plate can be used in longer time ,higher wear resisting then other PU which be made use the extruding technical.
2.The sealing effect: The spill skirt board use the plate + the skirt double sealing integrated structure.The plate nearly closed to the side of the feel channel, its bottom contact with the belt , to prevent goods spilling over. The skirt evaginate , it can rotating within a certain angle, depending on the rubber elastic, it can follow the belt automatically and always to contact with the belt closely, so the sealing effect very good.
The specification of Duel seal spill skirt board
 Spill rubber skirt board thickness : 15-25mm
 Spill rubber skirt board wideness :150-300mm
 Spill rubber skirt board : according to the request, the same long with the channel

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