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  • Product Name: Impact Bed
  • Introduction: unique industrial design,make blanking zone impact bar contact with the conveyor belt surface
  • Order No.: See below
  • Specifications: 1600mm
  • Packing: plastic film

Ramimtech Impact bed was made of excellent high elasticity of special rubber layer,Can effectively reduce the impact of the whereabouts of materials, greatly reduce the impact on the conveyor belt when falling material,significantly reduce the stress state of the falling point.Impact bed can ensure that the conveyor belt surface contact with the surface in use process,effectively prevent the roller fracture,fall off causing belt by sharp instrument or sharp material after penetrating the longitudinal tear of probability.

The unique industrial design,make blanking zone impact bar contact with the conveyor belt surface.Can effectively prevent the conveying stress non-uniform situation, can significantly reduce the ore impact damage of conveyor belt.
Effective prevention by the adjacent buffer roller belt material impact deformation, due to the material splash and sliding sideways.
On-site installation, maintenance is convenient,angle adjustable.
According to different conveyor belt carrying quantity,bandwidth and groove angle to installation,thus effectively improve production efficiency.
The underlying use of the special high strength steel,not rusting,light weight,convenient installation.

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